Cazare Romania, the online portal for accommodation bookings by Christian Tour, is a special product from the Christian Tour Team. A unique project in our country, the platform sets out to constantly improve the Romanian tourism.

Using the tagline “Romanian Soul”, the new platform is developed by a team of professionals with experience in hotel business and online marketing. Their dedicated work is doubled by the efforts of programming specialists, developers and technical support. Due to all this, we are proud to have over 1500 accommodation units using our platform up to now, including hotels, guesthouses, villas or camping grounds.

HelloRomania has a concept dedicated to those inlove with Romania, whom we address the invitation to pack their luggage and start towards the most fascinating places in our country. They will discover destinations with long-lasting traditions like Maramures and Bucovinva, they will know complete relaxation in our SPA resorts and the breath-taking scenery in the Danube Delta, a real piece of heaven.

How does HelloRomania work?

If we would describe in only a few words HelloRomania, Christian Tour’s heart project, these words would be: real time availability, instant confirmation, secure bookings, special prices.

The only condition any user must meet in order to book a room at any accommodation unit in Romania, is to have internet access. Further on, everything follows naturally because the website is very easy to use. Practically, in only a couple of minutes, any tourist from anywhere in the world, can finish a reservation guaranteed on both ends.

The advantages do not stop here since the prices on HelloRomania are unrivaled.

Why are we special? is made for the tourists searching for special experiences, for those that accept the challenge to spend the night on a pontoon on the Danube or for those wishing to hear the soft sound of the waves in a camping on a lake shore. Though our website we propose 5 stars accommodation in the luxury apartment of an old castle or in the magnificent Ice Hotel from Balea Lake. At the same time, we strive to offer the best for our tourists in search of classical accommodation and who are looking for excellent services.

At the same time, HelloRomania is developing a platform for additional services and activities, that will come in addition to the accommodation. Our plans include the development of an Experience platform, where everyone involved in tourism will be able to write their own stories, recommendation and experiences. We build tabs for excursions, city tours, museums entrance bookings, events, bike rentals, access to entertainment parks, for all our tourists to enjoy an excellent holiday.