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The website HelloRomania.com is a commercial site, part of the portfolio of the tour operator Christian Tour, which allows the performance of hotel reservations and other tourist services. Christian Tour Club SRL is a Romanian company, with registered office in Bucharest, District 1, No. 15 Charles de Gaulle Square, Office no. 8, 13th floor, registered at the Trade Register Office under no. J40/12516/20.10.2011, having Taxpayer Reference Number 27452962

These terms and conditions represent the Contract between the user and the owner of HelloRomania.com.

Using, including visiting and buying tourist services from the website www.HelloRomania.com, involves accepting the detailed terms and conditions in the following paragraphs. For using the website in the best conditions, you must carefully read these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may periodically suffer changes and apply directly or indirectly (through distributors) to all our available online services, or e-mail and telephone services. By accessing, searching and using our (mobile) website or any application on any platform (hereinafter named ˝the website˝) and/or by making a reservation, you confirm and agree that you have read, understood and agreed with all the terms and conditions mentioned next."


1.1. "Platform" means the (mobile) website and applications that the Service is made available on, owned, administrated, maintained and/or hosted by HelloRomania.com.

1.2. "Service" means the online reservation service (including the facilitation of payments) for products and tourist services that are available on the Platform and offered by the Suppliers.

1.3. "Supplier" means the supplier of accommodation (for ex. hotel, motel, apartment, boarding house), (theme) parks, attractions, museums, tours, cruises, train or bus tours, transfers, insurances and any other travel product or service that can be reserved or bought on the Platform.


2.1. The HelloRomania Platform, made available online by Christian Tour and its partners, offers the possibility that, through it, on the one hand, Suppliers can advertise their products and services for reservation and purchase by clients, and on the other hand, the visitors of this Platform can make these reservations.

2.2. By reserving a room or another tourist service through HelloRomania.com, the visitors of the Platform enter a direct contractual relation (which is legally binding) with Supplier where they are making the reservation or from which they buy a product or a service (according to each case). HelloRomania.com acts only as an intermediary between the visitors/users of the Platform and the Supplier, by sending the details of the reservation to the relevant Supplier (suppliers), and sending the user a confirmation e-mail for and on behalf of the Supplier.

2.3. The information found on the Platform or sent by HelloRomania.com are based on the information made available for the website by the Suppliers. Therefore, the Suppliers are fully and exclusively responsible for updating the information regarding prices, availability and other information published on the Platform.

2.4. HelloRomania.com cannot verify the truthfulness and correctness of the information and it cannot guarantee that these information are exact, complete or correct. Consequently, HelloRomania.com cannot be held liable for any errors (including typing errors or other obvious errors), any interruptions (either due to any (temporary and/or partial) malfunction, repair, update or maintenance of our platform or others), for inexact, misleading or untruthful information, or the non-transfer of information.

2.5. Each Supplier is permanently, solely and fully responsible for the exactness, integrity and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including prices and availability) presented on the Platform. The Platform does not constitute and should not be regarded as a recommendation or a claim of the quality, the level of the services or the classification of any Supplier (or its utilities and facilities, location, products or services).

2.6. The services of HelloRomania.com are available exclusively for personal and non-commercial use. It is forbidden for the users of the Platform to resell, use commercially, copy, monitor (for ex. spider, scrape), display, save or reproduce any content or information, software, reservations, tickets, products or services available on the Platform for any commercial activity or one that has a commercial or competitive purpose.


3.1. As a general rule, the prices of accommodations are mentioned per room and include VAT/sale taxes and all other taxes (subject to the modification of such taxes), except for the case when it is otherwise mentioned on the Platform or in the confirmation e-mail. The prices of optional services, written on the confirmation/ticket, are per person or per group and they depend on the availability indicated on the ticket, if applicable.

3.2. The applicable taxes and commissions (including tourist taxes) can be modified by the Supplier in case of failure to appear or cancellation. The Accommodation Unit can charge cancellation penalties or applicable taxes in the event of a failure to appear.

3.3. On the HelloRomania.com Platform, sometimes, there can be smaller prices for a specific holiday, product or service, but they may have restrictions and special conditions established by the Suppliers, for example the impossibility of cancelling the reservation. Therefore, it is recommended that the users of HelloRomania check all the conditions and information regarding the product, service and relevant reservation conditions prior to finalizing the reservation, in order to see if there are any restrictions.


4.1. HelloRomania.com respects everyone’s privacy, especially the users of the Platform. The confidentiality and cookies policy is described separately, containing additional information to these Terms and conditions.


5.1. The HelloRomania.com Platform allows the performance of reservations free of charge for users (consumers/tourists), no additional (reservation) taxes being charged.

5.2. Suppliers pay a commission (representing a percentage of the price of the product) to HelloRomania.com, after the client has used the product or benefited from the service offered by the Supplier or after the client has stayed (and paid) at the Accommodation Unit of the Suplier.


6.1. If applicable and available, certain Suppliers offer the possibility for the reservations to be paid (fully or partially, as requested in the payment policy of the Accommodation Unit) directly to the accommodation Supplier during the reservation process, through a secure online payment (offered and supported by your bank).

6.2. For certain products and services, HelloRomania.com facilitates (through third-party payment processors) their payment (for ex. payment facilitation service) for and on behalf of the Supplier. The payment is securely processed, directly from your credit/debit card or bank account to the bank account of the accommodation supplier, through a third-party payment processor. Any payment facilitated by us for and on behalf of and transferred to the Supplier shall constitute, in each case, (part of) the reservation price and it is not refundable.

6.3. For certain (non-refundable) prices or special offers, the Supplier may request that the payment be made on the spot, through online transfer (if available) or with your credit card, and that is why your credit card can be pre-authorized or debited (sometimes without the possibility of refund) after the reservation and the confirmation of the reservation, according to the reservation policies posted on the website and available before the finalization of the reservation.

6.4. It is the duty of the users of the Platform to carefully check the reservation details of the chosen product or service, before making the reservation.

6.5. HelloRomania.com is not liable for any (authorized, presumed or wrong) sum of money charged by the Supplier (including for prices paid in advance, failure to appear tax or reservation cancellation fee) from your credit card.


7.1. The users of the Platform, who make a reservation with the Supplier, accept and agree with the cancellation and failure to appear policy of that Supplier and any additional terms and conditions of the respective Supplier, applicable to the visit or holiday (including the Important details of the Suppliers made available on the Platform and relevant important information of the Supplier), including for services executed and/or products offered by the accommodation supplier.

7.2. The general cancellation and failure to appear policy of each Supplier is available on their information page, hosted on the Platform, and it will also be mentioned in the confirmation e-mail or on the ticket.

7.3. Certain prices or special offers cannot be cancelled or modified. Holiday taxes, local taxes etc. can be charged by the Supplier in case of failure to appear or cancellation with cancellation fee, according to the conditions mentioned previously in the offer, accessible prior to making the reservation.

7.4. A reservation that requires a deposit or (full or partial) payment in advance can be cancelled (with no prior notice) if and to the extent that the sum (sums) cannot be collected fully at the date of the payment in accordance with the relevant payment policy of the Supplier and in accordance with the reservation.

7.5. The cancellation and advance payment policies may differ, depending on the type of room.

7.6. In case of payment incidents regarding late payments, incorrect bank, wrong details of the credit or debit card, invalid credit/debit card or insufficient funds, the risk pertains to the user of the Platform, and he is not entitled to the refund of any (non-refundable) sum paid in advance, except for the case in which the Supplier agrees with or allows otherwise through its (pre) payment or cancellation policy.

7.7. In order to review, modify or cancel a reservation, the instructions in the reservation confirmation e-mail shall be used.

7.8. A possible delay of arrival on the check-in date or the arrival on a subsequent day must be promptly communicated to the Supplier, in order to avoid the cancellation of the reservation and the charging of failure to appear taxes.


8.1. By filling out a reservation, the users of the Platform agree to receive an e-mail containing information regarding the destination and certain information and offers (including information from third parties) relevant for the performed reservation and/or chosen destination, as well as an e-mail sent immediately after the holiday, requesting them to fill out a commentaries/opinions form. This correspondence is subject to our confidentiality and cookies Policy.

8.2. Finalizing and securing a reservation implies the use of a correct e-mail address. Otherwise, HelloRomania.com will not be liable in any way for or in relation to the wrong e-mail addresses, written with flaws or incorrect, nor in relation to the incorrect (mobile) telephone numbers or credit cards.

8.3. Any complaint or claim against HelloRomania.com or with regard to the Service must be submitted promptly, but in any case, within 10 from the scheduled date of the consumption of the product or service (for example, the check-out date). Any complaint or claim submitted after this term may be rejected as being tardy, and the user may lose any damages rights.


9.1. HelloRomania.com shall only be liable for the damages actually borne, paid or accumulated by the users due to a deficiency in the performance of their own services, up to a maximum amount equal to the total value of the performed reservation.

9.2. In any situation, neither HelloRomania.com, nor any of its functionaries, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, our affiliated companies, distributors, affiliated (distribution) partners, assignees, agents or other parties involved in the creation, sponsorship, promotion or availability of the website and its content in another way will not be liable for:

9.2.1. any punitive, special, indirect or important loss or damage, any loss of production, of profit, if income, of contract, any loss or damage of one’s reputation or good name, loss of receivables;

9.2.2. any inaccuracy related to (descriptive) information (including prices, availabilities and classifications) of the Supplier that are presented as available on the Platform;

9.2.3. the services executed or products offered by the supplier or other business partners;

9.2.4. any damages, losses or costs (direct, indirect, important or punitive) paid or borne by you, produced by, arisen as a consequence of or in connection to the use, the incapacity to use or the delays of the Platform;

9.2.5. any injury, death, damage of (personal) property or other damages, losses or costs (direct, indirect, special, resulting or punitive) suffered, produced or paid by you, either due to (legal) acts, errors, violations of the law, (gross) negligence, voluntary inadequate behavior, omissions, non-performance, faulty representations, damage or responsibility that is strict or attributable (totally or partially) to the Supplier or other business partners of ours (including employees, directors, agents, representatives or affiliated companies) whose products or services are made available (directly or indirectly), offered or promoted on or through the Platform, including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.

9.2.6. If the user attaches photographs/images to their comment, they guarantee that they hold the copyright over them and declare that they agree that HelloRomania.com will use these photographs/images as it deems useful or necessary, at its own discretion. The HelloRomania.com Platform does not hold any right and does not approve the uploaded photographs/images. The truthfulness, correctness and the right to use all photographs/images are borne by the person who uploaded them and they are not the responsibility of HelloRomania.com. The user who uploaded the photographs guarantees that they do not contain viruses, Trojan horses, infected files and that they do not contain pornographic, illegal, obscene, offending, inadequate materials or materials that one might object to and that they do not violate the rights of any third party (intellectual property right, copyright, right to privacy). Any photograph/image that does not meet the criteria above shall not be displayed and/or can be removed/deleted anytime and without prior notice.


10.1. All intellectual property rights over the Property (of the design and functionalities, including its infrastructure) pertain to HelloRomania.com.

10.2. It is forbidden to copy, redirect, publish, promote, sell, integrate, include or use its content in any other way (including any translations of the content or user comments) or the brand HelloRomania without the permission of the owner, granted explicitly, in writing.


11.1. The present conditions and terms of use, as well as the supply of any services by HelloRomania.com are subject to the Romanian legislation, and any dispute shall be deferred to the competent courts of law in Bucharest, Romania.